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Welcome To JJ's Pups

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Jane E. John. My family and I live in rural South Eastern Arizona. I am a stay at home grandmother and love having the dogs in our home for company during the day while my husband Danny is at work on our farm/ranch

Check us out on our new JJ's Pups Facebook page. I try to post pictures as the puppies grow.

My family and I raise Parti Poodles, Toy Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) all of whom is AKC registered. Occasionally we have Yorkipoos (Yorkshire Terriers/Poodle Hybrid Mix), Schnooldes (Mini Schnauzer/Toy PoodleHybird Mix.) and Snorkies (Toy Mini Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terriers Hybrid Mix). All are non shedding and hypoallergenic.  Anatolian Shepherds and Border Collies most will be registered. We are small in home breeders. Yearly having only one or two litters of each type of puppy.

All of the smaller parents and puppies live in our home with us. If you don’t see the puppy you are looking for on our Available Puppies, look at our Expecting Parents Page.  Click on the pictures of each parent or puppy for more details; weight,  color.  Sometimes we don’t have any puppies. Also if the puppy you were interested in is reserved, check back weekly, occasionally one becomes available again. Enjoy our puppies! If you have any questions, E-mail or call.

All of our larger dogs are working dogs out on our ranches. Some who come to the house at night and others stay to protect the herds. 

Accessories!  Collars, panties, buddy bands, diapers and clothing.  Each item made by hand in our home. Custom orders are available. 

$1.00 OFF every accessory item with the purchase of a puppy! E-mail or call in your order within 1 week prior to your puppys delivery and pay NO shipping cost. We will deliver your items with your new puppy. 

You must meet your new puppy in person before the sale is complete! SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE!

PUPPY NANNY services are available for delivery to your nearest airport for an additional fee!! Prices start at $250 for direct flights close to Arizona, prices go up from there for flights with layovers and long flights. The total for puppy purchase price and Puppy Nanny must be paid in full through PayPal the day before puppy\'s date to fly.

JJ’s Pups is pleased to announce we are broadening our horizons. We are partnering with Marijilda Ranch LLC, to now offer larger herding and livestock guard puppies/dogs. These dogs will be much larger than our normal lap dogs. They will need large spaces to run, work and play. We hope within the next year or two to include Border Collies, Anatolians and Australian Shepherd puppies. Please spread the word! 

Jane E. John
902 W John Lane
Safford, Arizona 85546
Cell: (928) 965-4396


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