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2 Weeks - Female
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190805-1F CHARLIE
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Reserve me now! $250.00
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Birthday: Aug 5, 2019
(Age: 16 days)
Age: 2 Weeks
Weight: 7.4 OZ
Color: Black & Brown
Sex: Female
Size: 4 to 7 Lbs.

 I was born in the morning of 08-05-19. My birth weight was 2.6 OZ. I am a female, black & brown with a large spot of white across my chest & some of the toes on my paws have white on them. 8-19-19 I opened my eyes last night. I am being taken very good care of. Mom is very protective of us. She stays by our side. She does not like it when Granny pickes me up. I am the smallest this week. {MY NEW HOME WILL BE IN MESA, AZ.}

Status: Reserved
Price: $1,400.00
Deposit: $250.00
Mother Father
"Jetts Jetson"
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