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Sales Contract & Guarantee

SOLD TO:                                                DATE OF SALE:

ADDRESS:                                                SALE PRICE:

                                                              DEPOSIT AMOUNT:

PHONE:                                                    SHIPPING AMOUNT:

E-MAIL:                                                    TOTAL:

DATE OF BIRTH:                                        BREED:

SEX:                                                         DAME:

COLOR:                                                     SIRE:

PUPS NAME:                                              REGISTRATION:

1. Seller will provide buyer with vets Health Certificate at time of shipping, if needed. 2. The puppy will have had the required immunizations.  Seller will provide buyer a copy of shot record at the time of purchase or shipping. 3. Any vet bills encountered by the buyer once pup leaves the seller are the responsibility of the new owner.




I guarantee my puppies-dogs to be in good health and free from obvious defects to the best of my knowledge unless otherwise stated in this contract.  Immunizations are up-to-date unless otherwise stated.  I do not guarantee weight of pup as adult.  I do make every effort to keep you informded of the pups present weight, and estimate to the best of my ability what the adult weight might be.  I do not guarantee whether ears will stand or not.  I do not guarantee color.  Pup is sold as pet quality.  I do not guarantee against diarrhea, low blood sugar, worms, hernias or open fontanel.  Every effort is made to sell dogs free of these problems.  To validate this guarantee, the puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within four working days of possession.  Only serious congenital defects, which are incurable, constitute cause for exchange of a puppy.  A congenital defect is a problem that will not allow the puppy to grow and have a normal life.  A major organ that sustains life and does not perform correctly is considered a congenital defect.  Should there be a defect covered by this guarantee, the puppy will be exchanged with one of equal or higher value when one is available if you:

1. Provide me with a written proof from the veterinarian of the defect.  2. Return the puppy alive with all paperwork within 24 hours or an agreed time if 24 hours is unreasonable.  3.  Or provide an autopsy report from a veterinarian.  4. Pay half the travel expence of the live puppy.

*** Dogs may change color naturally as they mature due to many factors such as genetics, fur type, losing puppy fur and changing to the adult coat, pigmentation, hormonal changes, shavings, etc. Color changes are expected and can occur quickly and at any time. We cannot guarantee a dog’s permanent coat color for these reasons. 

Any changes to guarantee: ______________________________________________________.

When your puppy is ready to go to his new home; we offer free delivery to the Gilbert, AZ and Willcox, AZ area at our convenience. If you are unable to meet us on that day, you will need to make arrangements to pick up your puppy at the ranch. You will be charged an additional $10 a week for the care of your puppy. If you have not made arrangements to pickup your puppy that both us agree to by the third week, your puppy will be placed in a new home and you will lose your deposit.

The buyer by signing this contract is signifying that he/she understands all terms of this contract and agrees to abide by them.

BUYERS SIGNATURE: ________________________________  DATE: ____________________


SELLERS SIGNATURE: ________________________________  DATE: __________________

Jane E. John
902 W John Lane
Safford, Arizona 85546
Cell: (928) 965-4396



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