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Why buy from us?

There are hundreds of places where you can pick up a new puppy for your home, from the local shelter to any of hundreds of kennels nationwide.  One question we get asked is: "What makes your puppies a better pet than a puppy from somewhere else?"

Your puppy will be called by name:  As soon as we have received your deposit for your new puppy, we will ask you if you have a named picked out.  Once you do your puppy will be called by his/her new name.  The puppy will become accustom to coming to it\'s name.  This will give him a comfortable feeling of knowing who he is.  Just think when you call your puppy the first time by name, he\'ll come running to you.  

Grooming: Your new puppy will come to you clean and professionally groomed with a new "puppy cut".  Most kennels, (and all shelters that I'm aware of) may give your puppy a bath, if your lucky.  Being groomed is much more than a bath and a 15 minute haircut.  Your new puppy will be neatly trimmed, his ears will be free of excess hair, nails trimmed and he will be thoroughly inspected.  [In Safford, AZ I go to Debi Leachet at Debi's Dog House.  When the puppies are flying or sold in Mesa or Phoenix AZ I go to A Passion For Pets 675 N Gilbert Rd #150, Gilbert, AZ 85234 this is in the Big Lots shopping center; Shelly Northern co-owner and has groomed my dogs for years, and Shelly has helped me numerous times with my breeding questions. Your puppy will have had several at home baths as well.  (You will see on the pictures of the parents some of them have had their "summer hair cut", due to the heat here in AZ I have the adults cut short for their comfort.  You can decide what type of cut you want your puppy to have when he is a little older.  Talk to your groomer.)

Weaning: I let the mother determine when we start the weaning process.  I don't force each litter to break away from mom at a set time, so they can be sold at an eariler age.  When sharp little teeth upset mom, it's time to start the two week process.  Your puppy will be on dry food usually for two weeks or so when he comes home to you. (See puppy care page.)

Your puppy will have started some basic house training:  All of our puppies are raised inside our home, house training begins as soon as weaning starts.  We watch the puppies eat, play and run under our feet.  We are looking for the "signs" to take your puppy out to potty.  Our puppies have a head start on house training you won't get from other pet sources.  When it's possiable I'll start to crate train your puppy a few weeks before it is to fly home with you.  This will make the trip a little easier on him.  And help break away from sleeping with the litter.

Your puppy is truly home raised:  I have come across "home raised puppies" which means nothing more than the puppies are raised on the same property as where the breeder lives.  We have seen time and again breeders who claim to have "home raised puppies" that have a shed or garage out back with floor to ceiling kennels stuffed with dogs.  And one I visited had a small chain link fence with 60 dogs inside.  Our puppies live, play and sleep in our home with us.  This makes it easier for your new puppy to go to your home well socialized.  You may be thinking this sounds like a lot of work and you would be correct, it is full time 24/7.  I become a little attached to each puppy and saddened to see it go.  This is truly a labor of love. 

We do not line breed our parents:  Even though AKC and ACA DOES recognize line breeding, we have found you have less undesirable traits in puppies that are not line bred (parents to child / siblings to each other).

Our mothers aren't bred with each cycle:  We give our mothers time to recuperate.  Sometimes skipping every other cycle, or two on one off according to each mothers needs.  This means your puppy is coming from a healthy well rested mother.  While each mom is pregnant she is given extra vitamins, protein & calcium.

Jane E. John
902 W John Lane
Safford, Arizona 85546
Cell: (928) 965-4396



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